Framing Service


Mount Boards

We use the best border mounts for the for original drawings and sketches. We have tried them all down the years the best colour range and acid free options are from Neilsen-Bainbridge.  Archival mounts contain no harmful pollutants and offer the optimum protection for artwork. We have a state of the art modern Gunnar CMC mount cutter for intricate and creative presentations. We can also hand colour inner mounts when something different is required.



Years of experience in the framing industry means we carefully choose the best mouldings available with high quality finishes.

Wood tones to suit today's trends, high gloss silvers and gunmetal looks, grained finishes in vivid colours, the range is huge. Wood, aluminium and the better synthetic mouldings are all here on display in our gallery



We supply the ever popular standard float glass and thicker oversized glass for big frames. There have been exciting advances in the Specialist Glass area. As well as protection from UV damage there are a number of ranges of glass that have been treated to become almost invisible giving optimum colour rendition. Pop into our showroom and see this amazing product. No reflection or glare and optimum protection from harmful light rays that cause fading and discolouration over time. It's all about long term preservation and protection.  Museum glass is higher in cost than standard glass

  • Virtually eliminates reflections
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Optimal light transmission brighten colours
  • Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning
  • No ripple or “orange peel” effect on glass surface
  • Proprietary coatings are engineered for permanence
  • Long term conservation assurance


What determines how to frame something?

The frame and mount borders should enhance the item being framed not overwhelm it but it is often down to other factors such as:

- customer choice, where the picture will be seen (home, office, hotel, business or at exhibitions), an impact may be needed, fitting in with interiors or it might be a gift for someone else.

- the frame moulding needs to be of a sufficient depth in the rebate to accommodate the glazing, windowmount, artwork or object, undermount, support layers if needed and the backboard. It will also need sufficient strength to take the fittings secured to the frame and the backboard.

- if there is no requirement for a windowmount, the glazing material may need to be spaced away from the surface of the artwork.

- valuable prints need to be hinged using conservation tapes to an conservation backing board. Photos can be 'dry bonded' to keep them flat and show no signs of warping. This is quite a skilful process with no room for error. Some framers just tape them in along the top edge but this just causes distortion and rippling.


If you have read the above you will realise there is a lot more involved in framing. Cost will depend on materials chosen, amounts of mountboards and other substrates, glass, construction, finishing and labour. We have always been competitive and are happy to provide quotes framing. It is however very difficult to do this over the phone. Simply call in with your items (we have a free customer car park) and let us see what you need.